April 4, 2024

myAO clinical roundup on total hip arthroplasty

myAO clinical roundup on Total Hip Arthroplasty  Total hip arthroplasty (THA) is widely recognized as one of the most successful surgical procedures, with many considering it […]
February 29, 2024

myAO Spine clinical roundup on spine imaging

 myAO clinical roundup on spine imaging  Spine imaging stands as a cornerstone in modern spine surgery, offering indispensable insights and guidance throughout the entire surgical journey. From meticulously planning […]
October 18, 2023

myAO clinical roundup on reconstructive surgery

myAO clinical roundup on reconstructive surgery This month’s clinical roundup is focusing on the latest advancements in reconstructive CMF surgery. This issue highlights techniques that reconstruct the bones, […]
September 21, 2023

myAO Spine clinical roundup on thoracolumbar trauma

myAO clinical roundup on thoracolumbar trauma  Thoracolumbar spine trauma usually occurs as a result of high-energy trauma (e.g., road traffic accidents, falls from heights). It may occur spontaneously […]
August 22, 2023

myAO Trauma clinical roundup on Artificial Intelligence in Ortho/Trauma

myAO Trauma clinical roundup on Artificial Intelligence in Ortho/Trauma Delve into the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence on orthopedic and trauma surgery, from advanced medical imaging […]
May 6, 2023

Clinical roundup on complications in small animal fractures

January 2022

If something goes wrong with small animal fractures, early recognition and proper management is important and can be crucial in order to win the game in face of a complication.
May 6, 2023

myAO Recon clinical roundup on arthroscopy

April 2023

Arthroscopic procedures can be performed on all joints. They are commonly used on the knee, shoulder and ankle joints, and less often on hips, elbows and other joints.
April 17, 2023

myAO CMF clinical roundup on orthognathic surgery

April 2023

Orthognathic surgery comprises a series of technical procedures aimed at the correction of the volume and position of the facial bones. Since the mandible and maxilla are tooth-bearing segments, a combined orthodontic-surgical treatment is required in order to attain an optimal occlusion.
March 15, 2023

myAO Spine clinical roundup on spinal tumors

March 2023

A coordinated multidisciplinary approach is used to treat spinal tumors. The expertise of a neuroradiologist, pathologist, angiographer, oncologist, and spinal surgeon may be combined during the patient's treatment. The type of tumor, neurologic deficit, spinal deformity (e.g. scoliosis), bony involvement, prior treatment, patient's medical status, pain, and life expectancy are considered prior to treatment.
myAO Spine clinical roundup on spinal tumors
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