Meet the experts: Julien and Jean-Pierre Cabassu


January 2022

Meet with the experts of the month, Julien and Jean-Pierre Cabassu. Graduate of ECVS and ACVS, Julien completed an AO fellowship at Texas A&M under the supervision of Dr. Don Hulse in 2006. He worked for a year in research with Dr. Loïc Déjardin at Michigan State University before completing a residency in small animal surgery at Tufts University in Massachusetts under the supervision of Randy Boudrieau and Mike Kowaleski.

Expert Roundup – Meet with Kodi Kojima


November 2021

Dr. Kodi Kojima is Chief of the Trauma Group at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. He has served as the chairperson of the AOTrauma International Board (AOTIB), as a faculty member within the AO Foundation, a member of the TK Lower Extremity Expert Group, and as a regional board member with responsibilities in research and education. In his role as the chairperson of AOTEC, he represented AOTrauma Education as a member of the AOTIB.
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