myAO Knowledge update on Pediatric Fractures
Children and adolescents present a unique challenge in trauma care because they are so different from adults. The risks to injured children and adolescents can be significantly reduced with the provision of appropriate care.
Besides access to two new AO Surgery Reference modules on Pediatric Trauma, myAO is offering you the following exclusive selection of "knowledge gems" around Pediatric Fracture Management.
AO Surgery Reference - Two New Pediatric Modules! 
The new femoral shaft module comprises treatments depending on fracture type and patient age: casting, elastic stable intramedullary nailing, locked intramedullary nailing, external fixation, and plating.  

In the distal femur module, the management of all relevant metaphyseal and epiphyseal fracture types is covered with procedures for immobilization and fixation with K-wires, screws, and/or plates.     
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AO Expert Webinars on Pediatric Fracture Management 
AO Webinar - Applications of Titanium Elastic Nails in Pediatric Fractures (2020)
Pedro Jorba, Head of Pediatric Orthopaedics at Legaria Children’s Hospital in Mexico City presents an interactive webinar on Titanium Elastic Nailing, the gold standard for the fixation of many pediatric long bone fractures. As well as, providing an insight as to why some fracture patterns are better treated using other fixation options.
Language: English 
Pediatric Fractures (2020)
Takao Mae and Takashi Miyamoto are presenting an interactive webinar about ESIN for pediatric long bone fractures.
Consultants: Takao Mae, Takashi Miyamoto
Language: Japanese
AO Webinar - Guidelines for Pediatric Tibial Shaft Fractures (2019)
Pierre Lascombes is presenting an interactive webinar about guidelines for the treatment of pediatric tibial shaft fractures.
Language: English 
AO Webinar - Non-Accidental Injuries (NAI) in Pediatric Patients (2017)
Theddy Slongo is presenting an interactive webinar about non-accidental Injuries (NAI) in Pediatric Patients.
Language: English
Latest Science on Pediatric Fracture Management
Comparison of Three Different Surgical Fixation Techniques in Pediatric Forearm Double Fractures. Read more
Cureus (2021-08-01), Aug 1, 2021
Hakan Zeybek, Sefa Akti

Implant removal associated complications after ESIN osteosynthesis in pediatric fractures. Read more
Eur J Trauma Emerg Surg (2021-08-02)
Justus Lieber, Markus Dietzel, Simon Scherer, Jürgen F Schäfer, Hans-Joachim Kirschner, Jörg Fuchs

Factors That Drive Annual Variation in Pediatric Elbow Fracture Occurrence, Severity, and Resource Utilization. Read more
J Pediatr Orthop (2021-10-01), Oct 1, 2021
Jacob D Schultz, Andrew B Rees, Lucas C Wollenman, Lydia J McKeithan, Vaibhav R Tadepalli, Bronson C Wessinger, Graham Attipoe, James C Gay, Jeffrey E Martus, Stephanie N Moore-Lotridge, Jonathan G Schoenecker
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Managing Pediatric Fractures
December 5-9, 2021
New AO Trauma Pediatrics Curriculum
The AO Trauma Course - Pediatric Fracture Management offers an interactive learning environment based on clinical experience for demonstrating, applying, and discussing the principles and techniques of today's fracture management in children and adolescents. The content is mainly covered through various formats of case-based discussions, and practical exercises provide the opportunity to apply and practice fixation techniques unique to pediatric fracture management. 
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