In this month’s update you’ll find an improved and expanded case creation experience that makes it easier to add topics and further details to your clinical cases, including PDFs attachments.  
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New case topics
The myAO case topics now match those from AO Surgery Reference.
Pro tip: If you have a case created in CaseFolio, check if your cases have been migrated correctly from the old to the new topics. If something is wrong, please contact us and we’ll provide assistance.  
Case readiness bar
Based on community feedback, you can now see if your case is ready to be saved or shared by checking the new case readiness bar. This bar is divided into 3 different parts to make it easier for you to complete your case step by step:

  • Title and topics 
  • Images and videos tagged 
  • Details added 

If the readiness bar is orange, you’re missing some details. If it’s green, congrats, that section is now complete and you are ready to go!   
Attach PDFs to your case  
Many of you asked for this and here it is! You can now attach PDFs to your clinical cases. Note that PDF files are considered as private information and will not be attached when sharing your case with a colleague or a group. 

In case you missed our last month news, you can now export your clinical cases along with your PDF attachment.  
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Coming soon: AO Surgery Reference integration
That’s true, you read it right! As your myAO case topics are now aligned to the AO Surgery ones the next step will be the full integration of AO Surgery Reference with CaseFolio.

What difference will it make to me? When creating your case and selecting your case topics, the related surgery reference modules will be automatically generated providing your clinical case with recommended treatment. From there you will be able to classify your fracture, select the right treatment, and even choose the recommended approach and preparation.

Here’s a sneak peek: