myAO clinical roundup on arthroscopy
Arthroscopic procedures can be performed on all joints. They are commonly used on the knee, shoulder and ankle joints, and less often on hips, elbows and other joints.

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The Posttraumatic Knee 

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AO Recon Webinar—Shoulder Arthroplasty Techniques and Tactics
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Recommended publications on arthroscopy  
Approaching Artificial Intelligence in Orthopaedics: Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning to Prognosticate Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Surgical Outcomes.
J Clin Med, Mar 19, 2023
Potty AG, Potty ASR, Maffulli N, Blumenschein LA, Ganta D, Mistovich RJ, Fuentes M, Denard PJ, Sethi PM, Shah AA, Gupta A Read more

Arthroscopic Versus Open Treatment of Septic Wrist Arthritis: National Trends in Usage and Impact on Length of Stay, Reoperation, Postoperative Readmissions, and Complications.
J Hand Surg Glob Online, Dec 31, 2022
Moran TE, Wagner R, Bustos FP, Lee GE, Forster GL, Hakami L, DeGeorge BR Read more

Arthroscopy combined with high tibial osteotomy promotes cartilage regeneration in osteoarthritis.
J Orthop Surg (Hong Kong),
Wu J, Zhao B, Luo W, Chen X, Zhao Q, Ren F, Zheng H, Huang J Read more
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AO Sports Principles Course—Sports Medicine for Knee and Shoulder Injuries: The Joint is an Organ
October 27-28, 2023
Berlin, Germany Find out more