myAO Knowledge update on Orthognathic Surgery
The evolution of Orthognathic principles and practices, combined with knowledge of recent advances, helps the clinician more effectively treat challenging clinical problems. 

Coordinated comprehensive treatment planning primarily between the orthodontist and the orthognathic surgeon will help improve patient outcomes and decrease complications. Continuing education benefits clinicians by exposing them to new knowledge in the field, which in turn, leads to improved patient outcomes.

myAO is offering you the following exclusive selection of "knowledge gems" around Orthognathic surgery.
Recommended Orthognathic Surgery Groups on myAO
Group owner: AO CMF
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Group owner: Florian Thieringer
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AO Expert Webinars in Orthognathic Surgery
AO CMF Expert Case Discussion - Surgery-First Approach (SFA) in Orthognathic Surgery
This online expert case discussion focuses on the advantages, indications, and complications in surgery-first orthognathic surgery. The session is presented by Hee-Kyun Oh and moderated by Florian Thieringer. 
AO CMF Webinar - "Do or do not, there is no try" - Complications in Orthognathic
Alfred Lau and Mike Leung are presenting live webinar about complications in orthognathic surgery. 

Recommended studies of Orthognathic Surgery
Clinical accuracy of waferless maxillary positioning using customized surgical guides and patient specific osteosynthesis in bimaxillary orthognathic surgery.
Marcus Heufelder, Frank Wilde, Sebastian Pietzka, Frank Mascha, Karsten Winter, Alexander Schramm, Majeed Rana - Read more

Management of recurrent temporomandibular dislocation using orthodontic traction screws
Mario Santás Alegret, Antonio Fernández García, Vicenç J.Gómez, Eduardo Olavarria Montes, María Mejía Nieto, Gregorio Sánchez Aniceto - Read more
Upcoming AO events on Orthognathic Surgery
AO CMF NA 20th Annual Symposium: Selected Topics in Orthognathic Surgery with Optional Workshop on Patient Specific Plates
March 12, 2022 - March 12, 2022
Washington, District of Columbia, USA
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AO CMF Lighthouse Course—Orthognathic Surgery (with Human Anatomical Specimens)
March, 24-25, 2022
Madrid, Spain

AO CMF Seminar—Advances in Trauma & Orthognathic Surgery (ACOMS)
May 26, 2022
Seoul, Rep. of Korea (South Korea)
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