myAO Clinical Roundup on Cervical Trauma
Cervical spine trauma is a common problem with a wide range of severity from minor ligamentous injury to frank osteo-ligamentous instability with spinal cord injury. 

myAO is offering you the following exclusive selection of "knowledge gems" around cervical trauma.
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AO Expert Webinars on Cervical Trauma
Acute Management of C-Spine Trauma and Spinal Cord Injuries  
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Cervical Trauma

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Recommended publications on Cervical Trauma
Global Validation of the AO Spine Upper Cervical Injury Classification: Geographic Region Affects Reliability and Reproducibility
Mark J Lambrechts, et al., AO Spine Upper Cervical Injury Classification International Members
Global Spine J, 2022 Aug 29 Read more

AO spine upper cervical injury classification system: a description and reliability study
Alexander R Vaccaro, et al.
Spine J, 2022 Aug 12 Read more
Upcoming AO Events on Cervical Trauma
AO Spine Masters Seminar—Challenging Cervical Spine Disorders 
April 1, 2023
China Find out more 

AO Spine Advanced Level Cadaver Course - Advanced techniques of cervical and thoracolumbar spine surgery 
May 13-14, 2023
Seoul, South Korea Find out more 

AO Spine Latin America Specimen Course—Cervical spine 
May 17-18, 2023
Palm Beach, USA Find out more 

AO Spine Advanced Course—Disorders of the cervical spine 
Sep 21-22, 2023
Bratislava, Slovakia Find out more

AO Spine Advanced course—Cervical Trauma
Oct 6-7, 2023
Timisoara, Romania Find out more
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