Meet with Julien and Jean-Pierre Cabassu: A father and son story 

Graduate of ECVS and ACVS, Julien completed an AO fellowship at Texas A&M under the supervision of Dr. Don Hulse in 2006. He worked for a year in research with Dr. Loïc Déjardin at Michigan State University before completing a residency in small animal surgery at Tufts University in Massachusetts under the supervision of Randy Boudrieau and Mike Kowaleski. Julien is a regular contributor at AOVET events and acted as a Chairman in the AO VET Davos courses this year.

Jean-Pierre Cabassu

Jean-Pierre Cabassu was president of the AOVet from 2008 to 2012 and continues to play an important role in this world orthopaedic surgery organisation. He was the first veterinarian on the Foundation's Board and remained there for eight years. He is regularly invited to give lectures at national and international surgical conferences and teaches in postgraduate orthopaedic courses each year (CES of Traumatology and Veterinary Orthopaedics). Jean-Pierre Cabassu is a graduate of ECVS.

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The team of the Cabassu clinic
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