myAO Clinical Roundup on Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery


July 2022

Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery (also known as oculofacial surgery, or ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery) treats conditions of the eyelids, eye socket and tear drainage system. myAO is offering you the following exclusive selection of "knowledge gems" around Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery.

myAO expert update on head & neck cancer and oral oncology


May 2022

Surgeons’ demand for knowledge and training on Head & Neck Cancer and Oral Oncology spans the specialties from head and neck surgery to maxillofacial, plastic, ear, nose, and throat, and general surgery. myAO is offering you the following exclusive selection of "knowledge gems" around Head & Neck Cancer and Oral Oncology.

Clinical roundup on Imaging, Navigation and Computer-Assisted Surgery


March 2022

Recent developments in imaging technology have allowed for rapid processing and visualization of significant amounts of data yielded from a variety of digital imaging modalities. Prerequisites have been established for three-dimensional (3D) visualization as well as programs for the computer-assisted 3D planning of surgical procedures, and these image sources are now available to assist the surgeon in the operating room.

myAO knowledge update on Orthognathic Surgery


January 2022

The evolution of Orthognathic principles and practices, combined with knowledge of recent advances, helps the clinician more effectively treat challenging clinical problems. Coordinated comprehensive treatment planning primarily between the orthodontist and the orthognathic surgeon will help improve patient outcomes and decrease complications. Continuing education benefits clinicians by exposing them to new knowledge in the field, which in turn, leads to improved patient outcomes.
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