myAO Trauma clinical case roundup on hand crush injuries with compartment syndrome - fracture fixation and posterior interosseous flap 
Crush injuries of the hand can present with wide variety of patterns and generally involve multiple tissues. Patients with severe crush injury can develop compartment syndrome

In this month's Trauma clinical case roundup, myAO is featuring a case of metacarpal, distal radius, and ulna fractures from Jaime Forigua, a specialist hand surgeon from Colombia and member of the Upper Extremity group, along with a compilation of knowledge references on the topic.

We invite you to review this interesting clinical case and hope that you will find this knowledge update useful.   
Featured case on hand crush injuries with compartment syndrome 
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Recommended publications on hand crush injuries  
Guidelines for management of crush injuries of the hand.
J Clin Orthop Trauma, Apr 11, 2020
Lahiri A Read more
Mangled right hand: A case report.
Int J Surg Case Rep, Dec 23, 2022
Gautam P, Gyawali S, Mainali P, Niraula H, Shrestha JM, Lohani I Read more

Isolated Dislocation of Hamate with Hook Fracture in Setting of Acute Hand Compartment Syndrome: A Case Report and Review of the Literature.
J Orthop Case Rep, Nov 1, 2020
Saiz AM, Wuellner JC, Bayne CO Read more
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