Getting to know  Rafael Cypriano 
"AO CMF gives us the opportunity of returning to the society, what our parents and masters did for us, by providing education to surgeons and students around us. And when we do that, we also become better people." Rafael Cypriano
Rafael Cypriano
Oral and maxillofacial surgeon in private practice in Vitória, Brazil. Rafael is the coordinator of oral and maxillofacial surgery at Vitória Apart Hospital and Hospital Santa Rita de Cássia. Experienced in orthognathic surgery, temporomandibular (TMJ) disorders and surgery and maxillofacial trauma.
He recently was elected as the Latin America representative to the AO CMF Web Editorial Group.
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Rafael Cypriano has also co-authored various AO Surgery Reference sections for CMF 
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  • Symphysis and parasymphysis, complex. View
  • Condylar process and head, simple and complex. View
  • Body, complex. View
  • The use of existing lacerations. View
Did you know that Rafael Cypriano runs a discussion group on myAO?
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This group already gathering over 300 participants is for those who are interested in TMJ surgery. The goal of the group is to share articles and discuss key points about TMJ surgery.
A selection of webinars and educational videos recommended by Rafael Cypriano
AO CMF Expert Case Discussion - Planificación Virtual en Navegación Intraoperatoria Para cirugía Ortognatica
May 25, 2020
Description: La Navegación intraoperatoria utiliza a la planificación virtual durante la cirugía y provee una orientación 3D al cirujano, disminuyendo los errores intraoperatorios. Son herramientas, que mejora la calidad de la cirugía para el paciente, por aumentar la seguridad del cirujano. Otorgando precisión milimétrica durante la intervención, brindando mas exactitud al procedimiento quirúrgico.
Consultants: María Gabriela Nassif,Lucas E. Ritacco,Marcelo Figari,Rafael Cypriano,Valeri Paredes
AO CMF Expert Case Discussion - Modification of the Occlusal Plane in Orthognathic Surgery
May 15, 2020
Description: This expert case discussion focuses on the concepts of occlusal plane, the diagnosis and treatment plan in orthognathic surgery. The different possibilities of change of occlusal plane, indications and advantages in various clinical cases are also addressed.
Consultants: Rodrigo Liceaga-Reyes, Rafael Cypriano, Ana Catalina Tobón, Valeri Paredes
AO CMF Expert Case Discussion - Secondary Cranioplasty
June 25, 2020
Description: This online expert case discussion focuses on the goals and surgical principles of secondary cranioplasty. The session is presented by Patricio Andrades and moderated by Rafael Cypriano, Ana Catalina Tobon and Valeri Paredes.
Consultants: Patricio Andrades, Rafael Cypriano, Ana Catalina Tobon, Valeri Paredes
AO CMF Webinar: The role of TMJ in Orthognathic Surgery 
March 2, 2020
Description: This live interactive webinar presents the role of TMJ in orthognathic surgery.
Consultants: Mohammed Nadershah, Stefano Fusetti, Noor UI Wahab
AO CMF Online Expert Discussion: Arthroscopic Surgery - How to diagnose and Treat TMJ dysfunctions with minimal invasive procedures  
August 3, 2020
Description: This online expert discussion on arthoscopy surgery is focused on ways of diagnosing and treating TMJ dysfunctions with minimal invasive procedures.
Consultants: Mohammed Nadershah, Stefano Fusetti, Noor UI Wahab
Rafael Cypriano recent reading recommendations
Management of recurrent temporomandibular dislocation using orthodontic traction screws.
J Craniomaxillofac Surg, 22 June 2021 Read more
Correlation between MRI-diagnosed joint effusion and demographic, clinical, imaging, and arthroscopic findings of the temporomandibular joint
J Craniomaxillofac Surg, 2 July 2021 Read more
Significant rise in neck infections progressing to descending necrotizing mediastinitis during the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine
J Craniomaxillofac Surg, 3 July 2021 Read more
Does Maximum Voluntary Clenching Force Pose a Risk to Overloading Alloplastic TMJ Replacement?—A Prospective Cohort Study, June 18, 2021 Read more
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