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myAO knowledge update on Orthognathic Surgery

January 2022

The evolution of Orthognathic principles and practices, combined with knowledge of recent advances, helps the clinician more effectively treat challenging clinical problems. Coordinated comprehensive treatment planning primarily between the orthodontist and the orthognathic surgeon will help improve patient outcomes and decrease complications. Continuing education benefits clinicians by exposing them to new knowledge in the field, which in turn, leads to improved patient outcomes.

Expert Roundup – Meet with Kodi Kojima

November 2021

Dr. Kodi Kojima is Chief of the Trauma Group at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. He has served as the chairperson of the AOTrauma International Board (AOTIB), as a faculty member within the AO Foundation, a member of the TK Lower Extremity Expert Group, and as a regional board member with responsibilities in research and education. In his role as the chairperson of AOTEC, he represented AOTrauma Education as a member of the AOTIB.

Clinical roundup on Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS)

November 2021

The Global Spine Congress (GSC), AO Spine's annual meeting, is the leading world class spine congress gathering thousands of spine surgeons worldwide. Among other relevant topics, the GSC 21 program includes three events on MISS, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, the highlight topic of this month's knowledge update from myAO.

Roundup on Pediatric Fractures

October 2021

Children and adolescents present a unique challenge in trauma care because they are so different from adults. The risks to injured children and adolescents can be significantly reduced with the provision of appropriate care. Besides access to two new AO Surgery Reference modules on Pediatric Trauma, myAO is offering you the following exclusive selection of "knowledge gems" around Pediatric Fracture Management.

Clinical Topic Roundup on Computer-Assisted and Image-Guided Spine Surgery

September 2021

Navigation technology is a widely available tool in spine surgery, and Computer-assisted Surgery (CAS) and Image-guided Surgery (IGS) have become a part of clinical routine in many centers. It is the aim of this roundup to give an overview on the current knowledge shared on myAO concerning the capabilities of computer-assisted and image-guided approaches.