Case Report

Intraosseous schwannoma of the proximal humerus with pathologic fracture.

Intraosseous schwannomas are extremely rare in the humerus, and less than five cases have been reported previously in the literature. This is the first report of its origin in the proximal humerus with pathologic fracture. We herein present this case to discuss the reason for its rarity and share our experience of management./r/nA 55-year-old female patient presented with pain in the right shoulder, which was caused by tripping and falling over a board. Radiographs, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed considerable tumor in proximal humerus, which connected with a fracture. For this suspected tumor, we performed two operations. Pathological examination demonstrated typical picture of a schwannoma, showing whorls and interlacing fascicles of schwannoma spindle cells. Immunohistochemistry, the tumor cells were diffusely positive for S-100 protein, SOX-10 and CD68, while they were completely negative for desmin, DOG-1, AE1/AE3 and P63. The Ki-67 index was about 10%. No mitoses or features of malignancy were identified. The final diagnosis of intraosseous schwannoma was made. The treatment for intraosseous schwannoma with pathologic fracture includes excisional biopsy, curettage, bone allograft, and fracture fixation. The patient recovered well. After the surgery, the patient gradually regained mobility and the pain subsided. There was no recurrence after 6 months of follow-up by X-ray./r/nAlthough very rare, intraosseous schwannoma should be taken under consideration in the differential diagnosis of benign-appearing osseous tumor in the proximal humerus with pathologic fracture.