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Download the myAO app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android).
Once the app is installed, tap on the myAO icon to open it. Follow the prompts to sign up or login.

Visit on web and continue with your AO login or sign up. Please note that to access myAO you must create an AO account. As such, you will be redirected to the AO Foundation to complete your sign up on myAO. To login or sign up, simply follow the prompts.

If you encounter any issue with logging in or signing up to myAO, please fill in the form below and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

In your profile settings make sure you fill in accurately your personal information

Adjust your account details by selecting your personal interests. This step is important to make sure you are exposed with content and suggestions that match what you are currently interested in. Next set up your translation language. Once in myAO you can translate articles and group conversations by clicking on the translate icon.

Enter your personal information and make sure to update them if necessary. This will allow for your colleagues to find you easily.

Please submit your medical credentials to get your account verified. Only verified surgeons can create or join topical discussion groups and use myAO messenger to connect and engage privately and securely.

You can submit your medical credentials by following the prompts. PDF and Jpegs are accepted.

Getting verified is quick and easy steps that will provide you access to myAO within 48 hours.

Please select your interests carefully at sign up so that you have direct access to content and recommendations that are personalised to you (Leading journals, clinical videos, articles, topical discussion groups)

Review and adjust your interests regularly so that the content is always relevant to your interests.

myAO is a community platform gathering 44,000 surgeons worldwide across Orthopedic Trauma and Reconstruction, Spinal Orthopedic and Neuro Surgery, Craniomaxillofacial Surgery, Veterinary, Arthroplasty and Reconstruction.

On the top left of your screen click on the specialty icon to switch from one specialty to the other. Please not that your main specialty is the one you signed up for.

For each specialty you belong, access your profile and adjust your interest setting to make sure that you content you receive or recommended is personalized to you.

In your profile settings, click “Translation language” and choose the language you would like content to be translated into.

To translate articles or posts on myAO, click on the 3 dots at the bottom right of the article or post and click “Translate”. The content will be automatically translated in the language selected in your personal settings

On your home screen, double click on the search bar and enter the key clinical term you are looking for. Search results from all sources are presented.

You can refine your search using the source filters below:

  • Posts
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Surgery Reference
  • AO Events

All search results are presented

On your home screen, click on “Messenger”, then on “New message”. Enter the name of the colleague you are looking for click “Search”.

If you are not already connected, simply click “Connect” and send a connection request.

If you are already connected, click on your connection. Your chat history will appear.

Click on “My network” to view recommendations on surgeons to connect with (based on your interests or AO events you have both attended)

In your home stream, myAO will suggest topical discussion groups for you to join based on your specialty and personal interests. To join a group, simply click “Join” or “Request to join”.

To view all the groups available in your specialty, click on the tab “My network”

All your joined groups can be easily accessible at the top of your home screen. Click “see all” to see the full list of the groups you are part of.

In a group post, you can “Applaud” your colleagues’ posts or leave a “Comment”. In the comment section, you have the option to select a pre-defined text or freely enter your own. The comment section allows you to insert an image, smiley or attachment. Both the “Applaud” and “Comment” section are editable or removable.

To translate comments or posts, click on the 3 dots and then select “Translate”

To share a post in a group, simply start typing your post in the space provided at the top of the group page. You can share a post anonymously by activating the “Hide my identity” toggle

To share a case, click on the case button. A dedicated clinical case sharing structure will pop open allowing you to provide clinical details and information in a structured way. You can share a post anonymously by activating the “Hide my identity” toggle.

To create a group, go to “My network”, click “manage my network”, click “groups” then “create a group”.

  1. Open app
  2. Go to my network
  3. Click manage my network
  4. Click groups
  5. Click create new group

You can choose to make your group either:

Public: your group will be visible on myAO and users can join

Request-to-join: your group will be visible on myAO and users will have to send you a request in order to join

Private: your group will not be visible on myAO and you will have to invite others surgeons in order to join.

Open your group and click on the 3 dots. Select “group participants”. Next to the name of the person you would like to assign moderator, click the 3 dots and select “Assign moderator”. You can assign up to 10 group moderators.

To invite participants, open your group and click on the 3 dots. Select “Invite participants”. You can invite participants by searching for their name and search the AO directory. Alternatively, you can enter directly the mail address of the person you would like to invite.

To remove participants, open your group and click on the 3 dots. Select “group participants”. Next to the name of the person you would like to remove, click the 3 dots and select “Remove from group”.

  1. Group posting schedule: Plan a group posting schedule in advance with your group moderators so that posts and cases are shared on a regular basis.
  2. Two or three posts a week: Ensure that content (e.g., article, link to a video, research paper), - is posted regularly on your group to keep your members engaged.
  3. Three to four cases a month: Encourage your moderators, residents, and group members to share their clinical cases. Whether the cases have been successful, are under study, or are in need of advice, they will certainly drive the conversation.
  4. Ask open-ended questions: Give your group members the opportunity to express themselves and share their experiences and opinions on cases, research studies and any other relevant topic.
  5. Be reactive: It often takes time and bravery for surgeons to contribute a post or share a case. Be sure to react to their contributions within 24 hours. Your input will also encourage other members to take the steps of applauding, commenting and contributing.
  6. Personally invite new members: Members personally invited by you are more likely to engage and interact. To invite group members, select the option in the group menu and follow the prompts.

On your home screen, click on the messenger icon, then “New message”. Enter the name of the contact you are searching and click “connect”

To send a message to a new contact, search first for your contact and click “connect”. Personalise your message when sending your connection request. You can freely engage and discuss once your connection request has been accepted.

To send a message to an existing contact, search your contact’s name in your directory. There, you can access your conversation history and send a new message.

On your home screen, click the search bar and enter the clinical topic you are interested to attend an event on. In the search result click on the filter “AO events”

To access the AO event search page, click on “Events” then “Find more events”

From your home screen. click on “Events” and access all your AO events. Click on the event you are interested in to access the event information.

From your home screen. click on “Events” and access all your AO events. Select the event you are interested in and click on “participants” and “contributors”. Click on the profile picture of the participant you would like to connect with and click “Connect”

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