Enthesopathy of the bicipital tuberosity of the radius treated under intraoperative computed tomography.

There is no report of the application of intraoperative computed tomography to the extremities, and its usefulness is not mentioned./r/nWe present a case of a patient with the elbow pain and loss of the forearm rotation due to the prominent bicipital tuberosity of the radius, which was diagnosed as enthesopathy. Surgical treatment to excise the prominent part of the bicipital tuberosity of the radius was recommended. However, it is difficult to perform the appropriate excision of the abnormal prominent part because of complications such as bicipital tendon rupture. The patient was successfully treated by surgical resection under the control of intraoperative computed tomography./r/nIntraoperative computed tomography scan is a useful tool to assess the remaining volume of the abnormal bones.